About David

About David Kyle

I have focused my career has focused on executive development and coaching to senior executives, new start-up design, strategic planning, organizational redesign and senior team development. I’ve been committed to helping senior executives discover for themselves their natural next step in leadership potential, and then providing them with tools to develop that potential.

I received my  BA from the University of California, Berkley, my MA from San Jose State University, and my Ph.D. in Organizational Psychology from Columbia Pacific University. I’ve taught at the University level, and worked with a number of consultancies. I was a founding member of Skopos Corporation, a human resources consulting and software company, and was a founder and President of Ontara Corporation, a company specializing in project management training and consulting. I also served as the Founding Academic Director for the Masters in Organizational Leadership at the Graduate Institute in Connecticut.

From the age of 7 I’ve had paranormal and initiatory experiences. Through the years I’ve studied with many shamanic and gifted spiritual teachers. The shamanic traditions have been the underlying foundation for my life growth and work in the world. As a teacher, consultant and writer the inner guidance and direction has provided the pathway of my life.

I have published two books: “The Four Powers of Leadership” (1998) and “Human Robots and Holy Mechanics: Reclaiming Our Souls in a Machine World” (1993). As most writers I have numerous manuscripts of both fiction and nonfiction, poetry, short stories, etc.that I have written over the years.

I have just released my newest book “Energy Teachings of The Three:  Guidance and Practices to Open your Heart and Mind.”  From my work with Andean Shamans in Peru, the Energy Teachings of The Three is based on the principles of energy healing using practices that combine different chakra patterns that develop the basic energy frequencies of the heart to release the dynamics of our ego structure and transform the experience of our mind. This material teaches how to live in the world with the practices of the energy of love and presence as the focus of our life.

A project that also has promise to be published is one I’ve developed over the past 40 years of working with individuals in my consulting practice. This one is called: “Living the Arc of Our Lives: The Stages and Transitions from Birth to Death”.

Learn more about David, his healing practice and books at DavidKyleNC.com.