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Coming September 8, 2017 ~ by Patt Lind-Kyle

Embracing the End of Life: A Journey into Dying & Awakening

Patt’s current focus is on the awakening process to rewire our approach to death. She has studied the dying process in preparation for her own death. Through this practice, Patt has defined the step by step process of dying and awakening. In her upcoming book and accompanying videos “Embracing the End of Life: A Journey into Dying & Awakening,” she guides us through practices for rewiring the brain and meditation to awaken the mind to its true self in life before death. 

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Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain
By Patt Lind-KylePatt describes the brain’s story and the amazing power of neuroplasticity to heal the mind. In the second half of the book she provides a step by step program of developing mental tools using the four brainwave frequencies to rewire the brain as well as practice CDs. The following are some comments about the book.”Heal Your Mind, Rewire Your Brain is fascinating, practical, and absolutely essential for everyone, but especially aging baby boomers. Everyone should know what’s in this book.”
Christiane Northrup, MD Author of The Secret Pleasures of Menopause and Women’s Bodies, Woman’s Wisdom“A brilliant journey through the brain-mind, by a courageous traveler who knows the territory first hand. A must read for any serious explorer of Consciousness.”
Alberto Villoldo PhD Author of Shaman, Healer, Sage “Discoveries in cutting edge brain research—known as neuroplasticity—have opened doors to our greatest potential for healing, learning, refining and expanding most of the body-mind functions directed by our brains. This new book, Patt Lind-Kyle’s second, explains this science in down-to-earth terms, and describes simple exercises by which we can each reap its amazing benefits in our own lives. Whether your goal is to find greater peace of mind, to refine a present skill, or to master a brand new body of knowledge, you’ll find this book invaluable. The author’s discussions of the implications of this new science, as well as its applications in our lives, are as practical as they are informative. A must-read for anyone interested in creating a better life.”
Hal Zina Bennett author of The Lens of Perception: A User’s Guide to Higher Consciousness

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Audacious AgingA new collection of visionary stories that will transform your thinking about aging with a contributing chapter from Patt Lind-Kyle

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When Sleeping Beauty Wakes UpWhen Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up: A Woman’s Tale of Healing the Immune System and Awakening the Feminine by Patt Lind-Kyle.

Patt’s first book, When Sleeping Beauty Wakes Up: A Woman’s Tale of Healing the Immune System and Awakening the Feminine, has been reprinted. Women are rediscovering the power of this book.

Hal Bennett said of the book, “Healing begins with personal empowerment – whether the disease is of body, mind, psyche, or spirit. One of the greatest forms of empowerment comes when we meet another person who has lived through a disease similar to our own and has come full circle back to health and wholeness. Lind-Kyle’s book is a testimony to the healing power of a women’s determination to learn about her mind, body and heart. Noteworthy in the book is a study of 40 professional women and the model Lind-Kyle created to evaluate the feminine psyche and women’s style and behavior living as women in a “man’s world”.

As one person that read the book recently said, ” As I read the seven stages of death and rebirth and realized my own loss of self I came to understand that your book is really about transformation. Thank you for giving me a map back to me.”

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By David T. Kyle

Human Robots & Holy MechanicsHuman Robots & Holy Mechanics: Reclaiming Our Soul in a Machine World by David T. Kyle.
When first published David’s book sparked in many people the challenge to reexamine the central purpose of their lives. The first third of the book examines how we got into the current “mess” we are in when we lost both the connection to the natural world as well as the focal point of how we see ourselves and others. We switched from a subject to subject view of reality to a subject objective perception of existence. When everything is an object to use or abuse we lose connection to ourselves and the natural world. This all started in the West when the Benedictine Monks invented the mechanical clock. Lock, Descartes, Hobbes, Newton and many others began to describe the natural world, the universe, humans and even God in mechanistic terms. The challenge of the 21st century is to rediscover a new way of seeing ourselves and the world. The last half of the 20th century conditioned us to become mechanical in our thinking and response to this amazing world we live in. To reclaim our souls we need to rediscover how to see again. This means breaking the mechanical strangle-hold on our minds, opening our hearts and learning to become Holy Mechanics that can change ourselves and the world from the inside out. In many ways it is returning to the seeing of indigenous and shamanic traditions that experience the interconnected of all things.
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The Four Powers of LeadershipThe Four Powers of Leadership: Presence, Intention, Wisdom, Compassion by David T. Kyle.

David’s experience working with executives in private and nonprofit organizations, large and small companies, government agencies and religious organizations has demonstrated that a big difference exists between leading and managing. Managing is a learned set of skills. Leading means fundamentally integrating personal power with one’s positional power. This does not mean that leaders are born with no skills to learn. Leaders aren’t born and there are a lot of leadership skills that need to be practiced every day. Developing leadership requires understanding and integrating into one’s life, day after day, the fundamental “powers” that leaders must learn to access, cultivate, and balance in their personal and professional lives. Being a leader is not about acting out a role but rather about living out the challenge of developing the power of one’s individual capacities and potentials.

The first two legs of the book are:

  1. Understanding the gap between personal and positional power.
  2. Learning the nature of the four powers of leadership as a map for developing leadership characteristics that can bring positional and personal power together.

The book rests on the third support: the models and tools I’ve developed over the years working with executives. I will present these models to the reader to help them understand some critical integrating principles of leadership. These models demonstrate that leadership lies in perceiving patterns rather than just reacting to events.

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